Beware: The next time you lose it might be to a girl

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Gamers, whether it is on a console or on a computer have grown in the past couple of years and with that so has the female population of gamers.

According to ESRB in 2009 the gaming population was 40% female and in 2012 just 3 years later it grew to 45%.

“Technology has completely taken over, everyone has a smartphone everybody has something in their hands and they love to fiddle around and play with it. I was born in the 80’s and the toy market has started to dwindle and its gone more digital and I just think that transition is less gender specific,” says Daniel Hurter, Store Manager of EB Games in the Oshawa Centre.

The growth of female gamers isn’t because the games are girly, its just technology has taken over. We grew as a technological generation so instead of playing board games we now play video games.

The ESRB did a study 58% of us are playing less board games and more video games in their place. Video games are fun and allow you to escape and be social without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Females are taking over the gaming market and soon will be dominant in the video gaming industry if the numbers keep growing.


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