Lord Durham has spirit, how about you?

(Published on April 15, 2014 in The Chronicle)


Spirit comes with a lot of things, but you wouldn’t think it comes from failing. Different people have portrayed Lord Durham many ways over the years, but his message has stayed the same. Lord Durham the Durham College mascot shows that you can be spirited in anything.

Lord Durham started out as a student in 1967 when the college first opened. Lord Durham wanted nothing more then to be a part of a team. He tried out for the volleyball and basketball teams year after year and was just never good enough.

Lord Durham never left and just continued to try out for the teams and eventually started going to the games and cheering Durham on in hopes of getting a spot on the team.

The people that have represented Lord Durham over the years have chosen to keep their identities secret. That way Lord Durham is carried on through the years as himself and the school spirit he represents.

“I try to get into people’s faces and try to draw people into being active, dancing,” said Lord Durham.

Every once in a while if the ball comes towards Lord Durham he will try and hit it back or even catch the ball, but he just doesn’t cut it.

“[I] miss it and screw it up completely and then I’ll get frustrated with myself. Sometimes I’ll throw a tantrum or get mad,” said Lord Durham. “I just can’t physically do it.”

Despite not being on the team, Lord Durham still has found time to make friends with coaches and even some of the players. Lord Durham “gives props back and forth a few times” to one of the coaches for good luck and there are even rumours of Lord Durham dating one of our star female volleyball players.

Lord Durham can be found around the campus during the games either cheering on our teams or enjoying a Boston cream doughnut at one of the Tim Hortons on campus.

Lord Durham has become the face of Durham College, everyone knows who he is and what he represents.

“I get to represent 16,000 students in a way. I don’t look at it that way, but in reality that’s what I do. I get to go around and people always stop me and take pictures with [me] and everyone knows who I am,” said Lord Durham.

No matter who plays him Lord Durham will always be the spirit of Durham College. He will live on through the students and the lucky person who portrays him each year.

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