Music rings through the halls

(Published April 15, 2014 in The Chronicle)


Students could hear loud music, cheering and laughter from the Marketplace at Durham College on April 2.

Prescription 2 Rock kicked off the Reel Music Festival. It is an event for students to get first hand information about different genres and get personal experiences from artists in the industry.

Dale Russell, formerly of The Guess Who, hosted Prescription 2 Rock and Kat Burns, Jamie Warren, Matt Szigeti and Reid Henry all spoke. Each speaker talked of the inside of the industry and let out some secrets, then played a set.

(2/04/14) - Dale Russell at Prescription 2 Rock at Durham College.
(2/04/14) – Dale Russell at Prescription 2 Rock at Durham College.

The first speaker was Kat Burns of Forest City Lovers and KASHKA.

“Seeing these four bodies come together and make music. And it was this mind blowing thing. I didn’t know how it happened,” Burns said. “It was just magical to me.”

She talked about publishing and making sure musicians know every part of the business so they don’t sign their life away with their first contract. Burns also talked about how she fights against the female stereotypes.

“I really always played electric, even by myself just to sort of prove that I wasn’t Jewel,” said Burns.

Jamie Warren is a highly decorated country musician with several Junos and CCMA (Canadian Country Music Awards) awards to his credit. Warren had a few themes throughout his speech. They were simple but important, and not just in the music industry.

“That’s how the business works, networking,” said Warren. “Check it out, talk to people.”

Warren also talked about how country music has changed and has fused with the sound of pop music.

“What has really changed is as a songwriter, the lyric had become less important and the phrasing and the melody is driving the songs,” said Warren. “It’s catchy as crap.”

Matt Szigeti took the stage next. Szigeti was nervous talking but when he started playing he became a totally different person. Szigeti talked about “aggressive loud music” and how it’s “loud emotion.”

“They had something real inside them but they didn’t know how to express it. So they picked up a guitar, did a sloppy power cord, and really expressed themselves through sound,” said Szigeti.

Szigeti played throughout his speech. When he couldn’t get out what he wanted in words, he did just that expressed himself through sound.

(2/04/14) - Reid Henry at Prescription 2 Rock at Durham College.
(2/04/14) – Reid Henry at Prescription 2 Rock at Durham College.

Reid Henry was the last speaker of the night. Henry is a keyboardist, singer, and guitarist of My Darkest Days and co-founder of Streetlight Social.

“We need to think more creatively then ever,” said Henry. “You’re competing for everyone’s time.”

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