Oshawa lights up Memorial Park

(Originally found on The Chronicle website http://chronicle.durhamcollege.ca/?p=3041 )



Holiday festivities kicked off in Oshawa with the annual Tree Lighting in Memorial Park.


CKDO’s Gary Bernarde hosted the tree lighting and was the MC for the night on Nov. 21. The annual tree lighting started out with free hot chocolate being handed out to keep everyone warm. People could use the cups provided or bring their own special mug for the hot chocolate. There were also City of Oshawa glow sticks being passed around and Rudolph’s red nose lights being sold.


There were food and toy drives set up for the event where people could bring any non perishable food for the Oshawa Community Church’s food drive or unopened unwrapped toys to donate to the Owasco Audi Toy Drive.


Bernarde started the event joking with the crowd.


“By round of applause how many of you were at last year’s tree lighting ceremony,” asked Bernarde. “We’d like to thank you for not bringing the wind from last year.”


Bernarde also asked for some Christmas jokes from the crowd because he didn’t know any. A young boy named Aiden offered one.


“Why did the elf put the Christmas music in the freezer,” said Aiden. “Because he wanted to hear some cool music.”


The O’Neill Senior Chamber Choir started the entertainment with Christmas carols and The Oshawa Civic Band also played.


The McLaughlin Library had some drinks, games and music inside for when people needed to warm up.


Near the end of the night Santa came out and there was a mailbox for letters to be dropped into.

The night ended with the lighting of the huge tree stringed with coloured lights and St. George’s Memorial Church bells ringing.


The O’Neill Senior Chamber Choir
The O’Neill Senior Chamber Choir

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