Who is Amy Bridges?

Award winning journalist, Amy Bridges is determined, passionate and willing to do anything to get the job done.

Bridges has been on her own since before she was a legal age to drink. Since then, she has been through a life changing car accident and a couple of career changes, but that hasn’t stopped her yet.

Dedication, hard work and perseverance have kept her motivated and her passion and creativity fueled the work she has produced.

In 2013, Bridges started the Journalism program at Durham College. During her 2-years she went from reporter for The Chronicle to the Entertainment Editor to the head Digital Editor of the entire website. All while, still reporting, taking photos and video and keeping up a GPA of 4.7. Not only did Bridges write for and maintain The Chronicle website but she also started writing for Missy Ink Magazine. All before she graduated.


“Colour outside the lines”


Throughout her time at Durham College, she interviewed Joe Eppele of the Toronto Argonauts as well as covered the Football 101: Girls got game event with the Toronto Argonauts. Her article on the Football 101 event won the 2015 Best Second-Year Sports Story. She also wrote hard-hitting news including editorials and opinion pieces with lighter news on the entertainment side being added to the mix.

Before she could walk across the stage and receive her diploma, she had to go through an 8-week internship. Bridges landed an internship with Rue Morgue Magazine. In her short 8-weeks as an intern she wrote articles, did interviews, reorganized past issues and redesigned the podcast studio. After her internship Bridges was kept on as a writer.

Now that Bridges has graduated, she is keeping up the momentum with writing for TechWyse, TheThings.com, Rue Morgue Magazine and is still with Missy Ink Magazine three years later.



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